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The York Society of Engineers is a not- for-profit voluntary organisation. Its purpose is to share knowledge and experience in the Engineering disciplines, as well as being a place for members to socialise.

The York Society of Engineers is a local group that was established in 1947 by Albert Crocker the then York City Electrical Engineer. The Society was established to share knowledge & experience across all the engineering disciplines.

To facilitate this, the President and the organising committee arrange a variety of events throughout the year.

The evening lectures (winter months) and site visits (summer months), provide an excellent opportunity for members to share and learn.


The lectures are normally held at York University on the first Thursday from October to April and are open to non-members. Details of forthcoming lectures can be found in the Lectures page of this website and on the University of York Open Lectures Website

The lectures are open to all, but members are given priority and notified of changes to the programme.

Site Visits:

Site visits are for members (& their guests), during the summer months from May to September. Visits are typically on weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday in the late afternoon or evening; timings are subject to the availability of the host.

Details of forthcoming visits can be found in the Lectures page of this website

Annual Dinner:

The dinner is the highlight of the Society's year and is usually attended by Members and Guests with the Society inviting a special guest(s) to address the dinner and toast the Society. Over the years the Society has been fortunate to have guests from across society including the civic party, clergy, MPs, MEPs, academics and Directors of large companies based in Yorkshire.

Other events:

An annual social evening is usually arranged in the spring; the President chooses the nature of the event. In recent years there has been wine tasting, a traditional pub games evening  a night at a golf driving range and a classic car event.  The social evenings provide an informal event for members to socialise.

Past Presidents

1947-49       J Taylor-Thompson MC MICE JP

1949-50       W A Crocker CEng FIEE

1950-51       F H Nichills MSc CEng  MIGasE

1951-52       C J Minter OBE MIMunE FIMechE MTPI

1952-53       H A Gibbon CEng MIEE

1953-54       H R Garth CEng AMICE

1954-55        J Dossor CEng FICE FIMechE FIStructE FIMunE MconsE

1955-56       T Duerden BSc(Tech) CEng FIEE AMIMechE

1956-57       A Dean CBE MSc DIC CEng AMICE

1957-58       E Clayton CEng AMIMechE

1958-59       Brigadier W F Anderson CBE MC

1959-60       W N W Piercy CEng FIMechE

1960-61       A F Wigram CEng MIEE MIRSE

1961-62       F J B Ward

1962-63       G C Lickley CEng MIMechE

1963-64       J Dunkley CEng MIMechE MIWE

1964-65      G G F Halliwell CEng MIEE MIRSE

1965-66      R S Bellhouse CEng MIMunE MTPI

1966-67      H C Steeples CEng FICE

1967-68      C J Wharhirst

1968-69      G H Warne CEng MIEE

1969-70      N F Truscott CEng FICE

1970-71      C D Macmillan BSc(Eng) CEng FIMechE MIProdE

1971-72      M F Barbey FICE

1972-73      J R Richards CEng MICE AMBIM

1973-74      E J Muncer CEng MIEE

1974-75      A C Hounam CEng FIMechE

1975-76      A H Jenkins BSc(Eng) FE FIStructE

1976-77      S  Boyes CEng MIEE

1977-78      B Calvert BSc(Eng) MICE FIEE

1978-79      P G Bowers CEng MICE MIMechE

1979-80      J D Thomas CEng MIEE

1980-81      A Horsfield CEng MIEE

1981-82      E J Millet CEng MIMarE

1982-83      J D Taylor DCE CEng FICE FCIWEM FConsE

1983-84      A Owen BSc AMIEE

1984-85      A I Forman CEng MIMechE

1985-86      P G Payne CEng MICE FBIM

1986-87      N A Brownridge CEng FIEE FIMechE

1987-88      T F Grisdale BSc(Eng) CEng MICE

1988-89      R H King BEng MSc CEng MICE

1989-90      W G Martin CEng MIEE MBIM

1990-91      B Nuttell CEng FIEE MCIBSE

1991-92      P O H Goode CEng MICE

1992-93      J Bartle BSc(Eng) CEng FIEE

1993-94      R Harben CEng MICE MIHT MIMgt

1994-95      G B Scott Eng AMICE

1995-96      L S Agabeg BSc CEng MICE

1996-97      C L Owens BSc CEng FICE FCIWEM

1997-98      M J Stuart BSc CEng  MICE

1998-99      P A Inwood BSc NDA CEng MICE MCIWEM FIAgE

1999-01      M Fletcher BEng MSc CEng CGeol MICIWEM FGS

2001-02      M Grayson BEng CEng MICE FCIWEM DMS

2002-03      P J Corrigan BSc CEng MICE

2003-04      S C Bielby BTech CEng MICE MIOSH RSP

2004-05      I Ravenscroft BSc(Hons) CEng FICE FCIWEM

2005-06      T Toole BSc(Hons) CEng FICE FCIWEM

2006-07      R Chaplin BSc(Hons) CEng MCIWEM

2007-08      N Ridgway BSc CEng MIET

2008-09      Mrs H Grayson BEng (Hons) CEng CEnv MICE MCIWEM DMS

2009-11       P Scaife BSc(Eng) CEng MICE

2011-12        Vacant

2012-16        Prof A Marvin

2016-21        Prof J Everard

2021-            R Rawet BSc CEng MICE

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